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ch5 definitions

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PSYC 355
Robert Ley

Chapter 5 ~ Gender Gender - Characteristics of people as male or females Gender role - set of expectations that prescribes how females and males should think, act, feel Social role theory - gender differences mainly result from the contrasting roles of females and males, with females having less power and status adn controlling fewer resources than males - differences due to social experience women adapted to roles with less power and status in society and show more cooperative less dominant profiles than men = social hierarchy adn division of labor important causes Social cognitive theory - childrens and adole gender development occurs through observation and imitiation of gender behaviour, and through of gender rewards and punishments they experience for gender-appropriate and gender inappropriate behaviour Schema - cognitive structure, network of associations that guide individuals perceptions Gender schema theory - individuals attention and behavior are guided by an internal motivation to conform to gender-based sociocultural standards and stereotypes - cognitive theory - gender shema organizes world in terms of gender = children + adole internally motivated to perceive world and act in accordance with their developing schema Gender stereotypes Broad categories that reflect our impressions and beliefs about females and males Sexism - prejudice and discrimination against an individual because of her or his sex Old fashioned sexism - endorsement of traditional gender roles, differential treatment for men and women, females less competent than men Modern sexism - denial that there is still discrimination, antagonism toward womens demands, lack of support for policies designed to help women Relational aggression - harming someone by manipulating a relationship Rapport talk - language of conversation, establishing connections and negotiating relationships - females enjoy more than boys Report talk - talk that gives information; ex. Public speaking Androgyny - presence of high degree of desirable feminine and masculine characteristics in the same individual - flexible more mentally healthy than either mas
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