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PSYC 365
David Cox

Chapter 12 ~ Chronic and Life-Threatening Illnesses Chronic condition - Condition that doesnt go away or get better - View their symptoms Constant discouragements and fear Lessened or in remission hope Unpredictably erratic anger and frustration Relentlessly progressive exhaustion and sense of being overwhelmed Acute illness - Illness with a defined beginning and end; most of us have acute Serious conditions - Life threatening and often accompanied by severe symptoms Oncology - Study and treatment of cancer; often specialize in particular site where cancer occurs in body Sites of cancer - Types of cancer as defined by the location of the tumour Metastasized - Spread (frequently used to denote spread of cancer); cells spread to other parts of body - Harder to treat, cant be localized, early detection = reduces likelihood of spread and increase survival Approach-oriented - Problem focused coping problems faced and dealt with strategy Avoidance-oriented - Emotion-focused coping Emotional-approach - Coping by facing emotional responses to a disease and dealing effectively with those responses coping - Adopt approach orientation to emotion-focused coping = can be quite adaptive Disfigurement - Potential physical result of cancer surgery that can have serious psychological consequences - Ex. Cancer of head and neck surgery that changes facial shape, larynx = change voice, colorectal cancer = colon = bag to collect waste materials + may lose bowel control (62 men and 41 women per 100000) Adjuvant therapy - Therapy used in conjunction with other therapy Alopecia - Hair loss, breast cancer chemotherapy = most difficult to deal with; might affect willingness to pursue treatment due to sense of identity - Hair loss signals new identity- cancer patient Anticipatory nausea - Nausea thats felt before a chemotherapy treatment begins, explained in terms of classical conditioning and in terms of patients expectation s; not uncommon - Setting which treatment is administered, medical staff, smell of room become potential conditioned stimuli that bring anticipation of treatment + immune suppression can be another conditioned response that accompanies it Antiemetic medication - Medication intended to reduce nausea and vomiting - Usually inconjunction of chemotherapy, before or after chemo or radiation treatments; effective for some - Used depends on nature of cancer and whether or not it could interfere with effectiveness of treatment Family-oriented care - Comprehensive cancer care, family becomes the patient because for virtually every cancer patient there is a family and a collection of close friends who are also affected by the disease - Family member, friends lives change dramatically when member diagnosed; will be called upon to provide support = strain overwhelming - Familys ability to cope with cancer = directly related to extent to which they learned in past to be flexible in stressful situations - Sometimes enough to just be there, medication can be good to help with anxiety and depression on short term, but not long term - When we preoccupied with trying to say right thing = may become paralyzed = unhelpful - Support providers should acknowledge persons concerns and fears as being legitimate while trying to help person find effective ways of dealing with them by not dwelling on intricacies of every word we say - Reassurance of knowing support is out there if we need it = shown to reduce depression and encourage cancer pati
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