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PSYC 365
David Cox

Chapter 5: Communication in medical Settings Patient delay - Period between an individuals first awareness of a symptom and treatment for that symptom Negative affectivity - Mood-related disposition (bad mood) greater proclivity to report symptoms than those with low NA trait in (NA trait) absence of any objective differences in health status - High NA trait = experience consistently higher levels of distress and dissatisfaction over time and across different situations - High hyper vigilant about their bodies and lower threshold for noticing and reporting subtle bodily sensations + super concern about implications of such symptoms Competition of cues - Internal symptoms likely t go unnoticed when individual is engaged in physical activity - Consistent with finding that distraction can serve as useful short term coping method (sports competitions) Lay referral system - Informal network of non-practitioners who offer their own interpretations long before any medical treatment is sought (ex. Family, friends) - Provide personal adviceview when someone mention symptoms, request ions an opinion or look sick - Helpfulness varies, sometimes very helpful, but more often to recommend actions that worsen condition or delay seeking appropriate and needed treatment Patient delay - Period between an individuals first awareness of a symptom and treatment for that symptom Safer, Tharps, Jackson, - Identified stages of delay I seeking medical care Leventhal study - Results: greatest pain = least delay; longer for patients who currently had other problem in their lives (marriage), who read about their symptoms, older, waited for symptoms to go away - Best predictor of illness delay was whether person had new symptom - Likely see old symptom as normal and to tolerate it for long period - Lengthy illness delay if imagine they were severely ill and negative consequences or if think cant be cured delay - LIMITATIONS METHOD: cautious; 1. only include those who sought medical care (cant generalize); 2. Asked to recall and specify point which they first noticed symptom (inaccurate); should use prospective study Delay by patients - Time between onset of symptoms and time of first medical consultation Delay by providers - Delay between first medical consultation and start of treatment - Do not seem to be associated with decreased survival in patients presenting with breast cancer Total delay - Time between onse
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