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Ch 8: Health Promotion Health promotion - Strategies intended to maintain or improve health of large populations - WHO: process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve their health - Hallmarks focusing on prevention and self-care - Many forms: programs, education, campaigns, political activism - WHO mega country network attempts to affect health worldwide by involving worlds most populous countries goals as promotion of healthy diets, physical activity, elimination of tobacco use - Goal: save money of health expenditures(treating conditions that are preventable) - Canada emphasis today - Use this to educate people how to provide support (emotional, informational, practical) - Programs can increase likelihood supports forthcoming and that it will be effective by ensuring it matches peoples need - Framework consolidate manageable set of goals - Much is targeted at peoples thinking assume to change behaviour is to change beliefs relation to that behaviour - Programs must provide information regarding likelihood someone will suffer a health problem (vulnerability information) and advice on how to reduce that likelihood (information regarding efficacy of preventive behaviours) Social determinants of - Factors such as income, social support, education, working conditions, culture that have a significant effect health on health at population level - Greater impact on populations health than medical science Two-tiered system - To shorten waitlist by allowing those who are willing to pay to enter a separate system, taking them out of general wait list and providing more timely care - Those who can afford private option receive care they need Self-care - Behaviours such as exercise, diet, voluntary screening, regular medical checkups that one engages in to promote ones health Pap smearpap test - Test done to screen for cervical cancer - Most effective - accurate early detection strategy that significantly reduce mortality rates - Declined by 50% since introduction - Older women dont receive more than younger women Mutual aid - Responsibility to family, friends, loved ones, and even society as a whole when it comes to health and safety - Healthy to have people around - Mortality lower in close knit communities or with high level of social integration
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