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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
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Karen Ruckman

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Climate Change Natural Causes: - Sun’s radiation  Earth’s rotation Varying radiation - Volcanic eruption  Dust + Sulphate - Solar variability  Contributed to little ice age - Greenhouse Gas  Absorbs IR and emits thermal energy via. Re-radiation Observed change: - Temperature increase • 1.2-1.5 C Increase - Precipitation increase • 0.5-3% increase - Melting Artic Ice • 30 years before predicted - Extreme weather • Few cold days/nights • More warm days/nights • More heat waves/rain events - Decreasing biodiversity • 20% loss of species in Arctic and Boreal forests - Sea level rise • 20cm since 1900 • Low-lying countries affected by storm surges Society Impacts: - Water resources • Transboundary water disputes • Water restrictions • Water quality - Human Health • Lynne disease • Extreme heat • Air quality - Communities • Coastal community at risk • Cultural resources threatened • Air conditioning More PollutionMore air conditioning - Agriculture • Droughts in Prairies farming - Resource and Service Industries • Timber: Fire/Pests outbreak (ex. Pine beetles) • Fish Habitats - Global security • Increase in humanitarian aid Wh
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