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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
REM 100
Karen Ruckman

Biodiversity “The variety of life in all its forms, levels and combinations” • Ecosystem: Different habitats, biological communities and ecological processes, & variation within individual ecosystem • Species: Differences w/in populations of species and diff. species • Genetic: All the different genes contained in individual plants, animals fungi and microorganisms Importance: Boosts ecosystem productivity where each species how an important role to play e.g. Larger # of plant species= greater variety of crops= more nutrients Species diversity= natural sustainability for all life forms Healthy ecosystem can better withstand and recover from a variety of disasters Ecosystem Services: “The benefits people gain from ecosystems and its biodiversity” • Provision  Food (Pollination  Clean Water  Clean air  Shelter • Regulating  Wetlands regulate flooding Water quality  Medicinal sources drugs • Cultural  Spiritual values  Recreation and tourism  Aesthetic values • Supporting services  Soil formation  Nutrient cycling  Photosynthesis Provide oxygen Threats to Biodiversity: - Habitat loss and destruction  Human activity and population growth  Deforestation, urban sprawl, wetland drainage - Alterations in ecosystem composition  Poor management practices BC grizzly bears  South. Cali: Coyotes, raccoons Song bird decline - Introduction of non-native/exotic species  Adversely affect native species by infection, competition, mating or consuming them - Pollution and contamination - Global climate change  Altered habitat, mismatch b/w food and reproductive cycles, inability to adapt Ecosystem changed Substantial net gains in human well-being // degraded ecosystem services, reduced resilience,
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