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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
REM 100
Karen Ruckman

Sustainable development: Economic (Info) - Green Accounting - Valuing env. Ecological (Uncertainty) - Precautionary Approach: “to err on the side of caution” 1. Cautious, ‘risk-averse- decision-making approach 2. Similar to insurance protection 3. Shifts burden of proof 4. Requires tolerable insurance premium e.g. Endangered Species Act Montreal Protocol - Adaptive management: “Experimental approach to management that is based on learning by trial and error” 1. Learn by experience 2. Focus on avoiding conditions that would lead to ecosystem instability 3. Careful experimentation and systematic monitoring 4. Failure to generate new info 5. Results in greater capacity to absorb and use change in positive way e.g. Management of forest burns - Conventional Environmental Management 1. Set target for environmental parameter 2. Apply theory linking parameter to human activities 3. Predict level of control/abatement with target 4. Set regulations Political/Social (Co-op) - Key components:  Nation States Self-interest and domestic concerns Sovereign rights are jealously guarded ♦ Economic interests (Exports) ♦ Class interests(Wealthy land owners) ♦ Bureaucratic interests ♦ Environmental interests  International Organizations • Accountable to governing bodies made up of member state representatives ♦ Sets agendas for global action ♦ Con
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