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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Ann Travers

SA 150Sociology Study GuideMidterm I Chapter 1 Sociology IntroTerm Definition Sociology Systematic study of human societyAt the heartsociological perspective imagination Problematize the everyday worldmake the implicit explicitsee the strange in the familiartease out underlying aspects of culture Sociological Perspective Seeing the general in the particularPeter bergercalled the Sociological Imagination by C Wright MillsIdentify general things in individualsppl are different and each unique but each category of society acts different category shapes lifeHOW SOCIETY AND THE INDIVIDUAL CONNECTHelps you understand society and your own lifebrings ppl togetherSocial integration High social tie poor but happylow suicide Individualistic richhigh suicideGlobal Perspective Study of the world and where your society places itselfExtension of the sociological perspectiveHow do love high and middle income countries contribute to the worldEnclosure movement Fenced farmland off to make grazing area for sheepSocial Change and Sociology 4 1 New Industrial economy Work shifted from HOME to large anon labour forces 18th century due to new inventionsweakened traditions that guided community life for generations2 City growthEnclosure movementwool used for textilesless farmland forced ppl to move into cities increase city sizeincreased social problems like pollution crime and homelessness 3 Pokitical changeFrom GODS WILL and the MONARCH to FUCK YEAH I CAN HAVE MY OWN VIEW AND IDEAS4 A new awareness of society Stages of historical Development 3 1 Tehological stage beginning of Comte human history GODS WILLRELIGION 2 Metaphysical stage Renaissance 15th centurySocietynatural not supernatural3 Scientific Stage Began with work of scientistsStructural FunctionalismTheoretical approach society is a complex organismEmilie DurkheimSocietyorganismIndividualssubjectsParts of society work together to promote solidarity and stabilityhate change its only okay if its gradual if a structure doesnt have a function itll fade away look for harmony Includes SOCIAL STRUCTURE SOCIAL FUNCTION MANIFEST AND LANTENT FUNCTIONSSOCIAL DYSFUNCTIONMacro Level Social Structure Stable pattern of social behaviourStructural functionalismshapes lives rulesthings ppl keep doing over timeRules that keep things in orderEx traffic gov school prisionSocial FunctionsConsequences of a social pattern for the operation of society as a whole good or badStructural Functionalism manifest and latent
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