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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Amie Mc Lean

3/27/2013 2:38:00 PM Midterm Review LOOK AT TUTORIAL STUFF on webct + notes Social Stratification ch.6  Hierarchies- based on wealth,power,and privilege in society  Any stratification in power o Status/prestige o Anyway power is shown through hierarchies o Open strat vs. closed strat – open allows to move up in society ex. Cda o Closed – ppl ascribed status – can’t move up o Davis-moore thesis – good to have distinctions – more structural functionalist o Meritocracy – more structural functionalist – according to someones merit Ch.4/7 gender inequalities  Sex- biological – physical parts – male female  Gender – socially constructed – masculine/ feminine  Nothing says gender has to co-relate w sex  Gender roles/ socialization  Intersex – biological charac of both male and female – Olympic athlete  Transgender – man acts like women, vice versa – gender identity doesn’t match sex  Transsexual – male has surgical change to become female or vice versa – birth sex doesn’t match  Essentialism  Sexuality – gay/ straight/ bi/trans/asexual  Gender organization/ patriarchy/ matriarchy  Pat – household labour / political rep – males more dominant  Mat – African tribe – women run the town – females more dominant Ch.8 – Race/Ethnicity Race –social construct – divides people based on biological/ genetic factors – superficial factors – sk
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