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Police Foundations
POFP 201
Ross Bell

Test 2 Study Guide Different Types of Crime Report Sensitive Crimes – Crimes that are sensitive to victims. If the victim does not report it, then police wouldn’t know about it Policing-Sensitive Crimes – Crimes sensitive to law enforcement. Ex, drug crimes investigated by police Definition-Sensitive Crimes – Crimes sensitive to legislative activity. Ex, gambling has progressively been decriminalized due to loosening of the sanctions around it Media-Sensitive Crimes – Crime that is sensitive to media attention. Youth is often a public concern and often makes the news Instrumental Crimes – Illegal activities reported by those unable to obtain desired goods through conventional means. Theft, sale of narcotics, etc Expressive Crimes – Illegal activities that have no purpose except to accomplish the behavior at hand. Ex, shooting someone during an argument Aging out – Process of individuals reduce the frequency of offending as they age  Same as Distance Gender and Crime - Women are more likely to be victimized in certain crimes such as sexual assault. Women also often know the perpetrator 40% of the time. - Men are more likely to be victimized by a stranger. Masculinity Hypothesis – The theory that women who commit crimes have biologica
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