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Anthropology Week 12 Lecture Notes - exam.docx

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ANTH 1010H
Jocelyn Williams

Anthropology Week 12 Lecture Notes – Final Exam What to Bring - Student ID - 1 page front and back study sheet o Put name on sheet o Hand in with exam What Does the Exam Cover? - All material from lecture, seminar, and textbook - Will be most heavily weighted to lecture material followed by textbook material then seminar Format - 3 sections o Complete all questions in each section 1. Short answer questions – exam booklet a. 5 questions, worth 10 points each 2. Matching – on exam a. List of ideas/methods/terms and you will need to match them to a sentence that best describes them 3. Multiple choice – scantron a. 20 questions What to Study - Use weekly lecture outlines from BB to help you study. These identify concepts and learning outcomes o Focus specifically on the section, “at the end of this lecture you should…” - Use subheadings in textbook to organize material and the chapter summaries and questions at the end of each chapter to gain a sense of the key concepts covered in each chapter - Ensure that you understand the concepts and terms bolded in each chapter – focus on concepts/t
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