INDG 1000Y Study Guide - Final Guide: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Assembly Of First Nations

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Exam date: monday april 17th @ 2:00 p. m. Definitions: (given 15, pick 10, 2 marks each) Friendship centre non-profit community centre and indigenous program/services delivery organization located in towns and cities to provide services to urban indigenous peoples who live in urban areas. Rita joe she was an mi"kmaw poet and songwriter often referred to as the poet laureate of the. Bill c-31 an act that was present to amend the indian act after the white paper act was proposed, it brought the act in line with the provisions of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. The oka crisis a land dispute between a group of mohawk people and the town of oka. It went on for a 78 day standoff between mohawk protestors, police and army. At the heart of the crisis was the proposed expansion of a golf course and development of apartments on disputed land that included a mohawk burial ground.

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