PSYC 1030H Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fetus, James Marcia, Mary Ainsworth

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Did not believe psych could be a science because the mind cannot be studied by the method of science. Hermann von helmholtz attempted to study the mind mathematically conducted studies on the physiology of optics and acoustics. He did the law of conservation of energy important contribution: the measurement of the speed of the nervous impulse. Believed psych is the scientific study of the human mind. Uncover universal laws of the human mind. Viewed the world as changeless each biological species was fixed for eternity. Three theories of evolution: constant struggle for existence because animals tend to outgrow their food supply, nature constantly produces variant forms within species, some variants are better adapted to the struggle for survival than others. 7 stages of the scientific method in psych: description of the research problem, prediction, select your research methodology, take control of your variables, collect date, analyze and interpret data, report findings.