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PSYC 1030H Final: PSYC1030-Exam Review

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Trent University
PSYC 1030H
James Parker

th March 9 , 2017 Lecture 7 Social Behaviour Social Psychology Person perception Attribution processes Attitudes Conformity and obedience Behaviour in groups Interpersonal attraction Reasoning A cognitive activity that transforms information in order to reach specific conclusions Decision making o A process of choosing among various courses of action or alternatives o Rational decision making making decisions in a cool, mathematical way Rational considerations Utility or value to you of each alternative Probability of results occurring o Informal decision making The more common (everyday) process Relies on: Hunches Intuition Information from memories Opinions from others o Role of mood states Current moods (especially strong moods) can dramatically reduce our ability to reason effectively o Role of beliefs Reasoning is often influenced by beliefs associated with strong emotions or moods Beliefs often overwhelm logical arguments i.e. powerful beliefs about capital punishment present alternate view arguments powerful beliefs about capital punishment are maintained o Heuristics Mental rules of thumb that permit us to make decisions and judgments in a rapid and efficient manner Heuristics are a source of cognitive error Gestalt psychology we automatically impose visual organization on stimuli Grouping o Proximity o Similarity o Continuity o Closure Figureground Goodness of figures (Law of Pragnanz) Figureground principles o Reversible figureground relationships o Everything that is not figure is ground Origins of heuristics Law of Pragnanz Past experiences Simple guidelines for making reasonably good decisions quickly Availability heuristic Probability of various events is judged on the basis of how readilythey come to mind i.e. Massive media coverage of a new (quite rare) illness which begins with some common symptoms (i.e. headaches) increase in number of people visiting emergency hospital rooms Representative heuristic The more an event resembles typical examples of some concept or category, the more likely it is believed to belong to that concept or category i.e. McCain is perceived as more American than Obama because of heuristics regarding prototypical Americans Anchoringandadjustment heuristic
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