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Your first thoughts and feelings will determine your later thoughts and feelings. You will tend to perceive things the way you first saw them. Remembering someone upon first impression that they were wearing a tie. Making the mistake of thi(cid:374)ki(cid:374)g the(cid:455) (cid:449)ore a tie the se(cid:272)o(cid:374)d ti(cid:373)e (cid:455)ou sa(cid:449) the(cid:373) (cid:449)he(cid:374) the(cid:455) a(cid:272)tuall(cid:455) did(cid:374)"t. Does(cid:374)"t (cid:449)ork as (cid:373)u(cid:272)h i(cid:374) ter(cid:373)s of size. Your impression after a few months will be more similar than different to your impression after just 2 seconds. You (cid:373)a(cid:455) ha(cid:448)e alread(cid:455) (cid:272)o(cid:373)e to (cid:455)our (cid:862)(cid:271)iggest(cid:863) judge(cid:373)e(cid:374)ts after just (cid:1004). (cid:1005) se(cid:272)o(cid:374)ds. Negative first impressions change less than positive ones: any negative impression details are better recalled. Males and females: both form strong and enduring first impressions, people tend to be a little more harsh when judging males. But males more often judge everyone as well as themselves.

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