SOCI 1002H Midterm: SOCI Mid Term Review (2)

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Chapter 7: social construction of ideas and knowledge: Ideology: integrated set of assumptions and values; a coherent world view interests of dominant class become public interests. Disseminated through persuasion (media and education) and coercion (law) Drug addicted prostitutes: victims of childhood abuse; runaways. Credentialism and meritocracy: individual achievement = social status. Reflects liberal ideology of individualism, upward mobility, equality. Accumulation (of wealth: taxation limits, free trade, precarious employment. Manage inequalities and impacts of class-system: criminalization poverty, welfare fraud (kimberly rogers) Describe the relationship between the economy and the state: true democracy is always limited by the economic interests of the power elites. Democracy is political not economic state uses laws to increase or limit the power of capital to ensure long term economic stability: environmental protection and corporate bailouts. Deep poverty and collapse of civil institutions due to economic destabilization resurgence in ethnic identity to resist us imperialism: rise of fundamentalist religions.