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BIOL 1010
Igor Kovalchuk

Clicker questions 1. The DNA is 2 nm in width. What does this signify? a. The is single stranded molecule of 2 nm in width b. The DNA is very tiny c. That DNA is double-stranded and pyrimidine’s pair with purines d. That DNA is double stranded, purines pair with purines and pyrimidines pair with pyrimdines e. That DNA can be used as nano-weapon 2. Which pair is miss-paired? a. TAT-box – transcript factor b. AAAATAAA sequence – transcription termination c. PolyA tail – promoter recognition sequence d. Intron – splicing e. 5’ cap – RNA modification 3. The process in which the linear sequence of bases in mRNA translated into the linear sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide is called a. Termination 4. Which pair is miss-paired? a. RNA – ribozyme b. DNA – splicing c. RNA – translation d. tRNA – anticodon e. excon – coding sequence 5. Nonsence nutation – a base pair substitution that changes amino
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