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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

Midterm #3 1. A single, visible isolated colony of bacteria growing on an agar plate represents: a. Approx. 100 bacterial cells b. A population of auxotrophic bacteria, since prototrophic bacteria can’t be grown on an agar plate. c. A mixture of several variants, die to differences in DNA sequence, but which all belong to the same species d. A population of bacteria derived by multiple cell divisions starting from a single cell. e. None of the above 2. During the phage lytic cycle, which one of the following events would not occur? a. Integration of the phage genome into the bacterial genome b. Lysis of the bacterial cell to release new phage progeny c. Fragmentation of the bacterial cell’s chromosomal DNA d. Synthesis of phage proteins 3. An E. Coli cell has the following genotype: bio- leu- arg- It is trasnfermed with DNA from a strain that is bio+leu+arg+. Which of the following genomic arrangements is consitant with these reults? 1 Arg+ 19% bio+ 8% leu+ 2 Leu+ 3% bio+ 7 % arg+ a. Bio arg leu b. Arg bio leu c. Arg bio leu d. Bio leu arg 4. IN E. Coli DnaA protein: a. Is the helicase used to separate the template strands during replication b. Coats the newly synthesized DNA strands at the replication fork to prevent them from base-pairing c. Binds conserved sequence box elements located at the chromoal origin of DNA replciaiton d. Removes supercoilds from the DNA e. Synthesizes the leading strand during DNA replcaition 5. The Herhsey-Chase experiment was an mportant experiement that demonstrated that DNA was heritable marterial. The researchers used a virus that had either its DNA or protein componenets specifically radioactively labeled. Which one fo the following statements aout this experiment is false. a. Researchers used a bacteriophage to infect E Coli cells b. The 32P labeled viral DNA did not enter the E. Coli cells and therefore researchers concluded that DNA was the heritable material. c. The 35S labeled viral proteins did not enter the E Coli cells and therefore researchers concluded that protein was not the heritable material entered the E coli cells d. Both types of radioactivity entered the E Coli cells but slightly more radioactively-labelled DNA was found inside the cells 6. Which of the following correctly describes Chargaff’s base pairing rules? a. % (A+G) = % (c+ T) b. Different organisms always have 25% guanine c. Different organisms always have 25% thymine d. % adenine = % cytosine e. % (A+T) = % (G+C) 7. R plasmids spread antibiotic resistant genes rapidly through bacterial populations because: a. Recombination with the chromosome is not required
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