Biology 2200- Anthropogenic Impacts

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BIOL 2200
Joseph Rasmussen

Biology 2200 th Dec.5 , 2013 At the rate at which we are going how long are we going to be able to keep the human race from facing extinction? - Most scientists feel that our population will follow the logistic model and our population will level off at its carrying capacity - Who truly knows what might happen in the future - We could level off or we could pass our carrying capacity and find ourselves in a lot of trouble The reindeer population of St. Matthew Island - The population continued to increase until it hit a population of 6000 then rapidly decreased to 42 within a few years - Reindeer liked to eat lichens - They depleted most of the lichens (which have a low renewal rate) - As the amount of lichens died out from being overeaten by the reindeer, the reindeer population began to decrease as well Odum: “We can only reliably expect a population to approach a constant K if thee renewability of its resource is sufficient to support it, and there is strong density dependent regulation - Because the lichens had a low renewal rate they were not able to bounce back and provide sufficient amounts for the reindeer to survive on o The reindeer therefore reduced their own carrying capacity The whaling industry shifted to less profitable species as populations of overhunted species declined - Fin whales continued to increase until they started to become hunted o They were overhunted and the population was not able to bounce back and their population continually decreased - other whale species were not able to bounce back to their original population values and
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