English 1900- 'F' and 'A' Paper

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ENGL 1900
Jay Gamble

English 1900 th Feb.6 , 2014 Essay topics for first paper, you cannot write on the same text for your research paper. Similar topics are all right but you must use different text. **Read all of Virginia Woolf for Tuesday’s class** Works Cited/MLA: - Citing in text you include IQC again - __intro to quote___ “__quote__” (Doyle 14). - Author _intro__ “__quote__” (14). - Use the author’s full name when you first discuss them in your paper. After that use only the surname. - Any edited changes to the quote use [ ] o Ex: __intro__”___[the ring]___” - See Moodle for link to MLA instructions - Works Cited o “works cited” is centered o 12 point font (same font as paper) o Put authors in alphabetical by surname  Ex: Burns, …..  Dierks,…..  Miller, ….. Bultler, Judith. Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of “Sex”. New York: Routledge, 1993. - You can either underline or use italics - C: P, Y.  City: Publisher, Year. - When submitting paper, make sure that you include works cited page - Works cited page should appear as your last page - Use a hanging indent for every line after the first (see above) - You won’t lose marks for the first paper if you mess up your citations. It will be more important for your research paper “F” Paper: - Things to be aware of when writing your essays: - Make sure to use full name for the author when first introducing them - Be aware of grammatical errors o Comma splices, sentence fragments, run on sentences etc. - Do not repeat the same words - Be specific - What you name needs to be named more specifically. o Ex: in the “F” paper introduction talks about the system. What exactly is the system? - Do not make general claims (“In society…”, “Even today,…”, “people”) - Never say “could of…” say “could have…” - Make a claim; do not be wishy washy. o One could say that… o By saying “one could say that…” you aren’t exactly making a claim. - W
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