English 1900- Virginia Woolfe

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University of Lethbridge
ENGL 1900
Jay Gamble

English 1900 th Feb.11 , 2014 Virginia Woolf is a very important modernist writer. - When discussing modernism we will assume to be 1900-1945 in this class - People began to question the traditional literary forms and genres - We see a focus on fragmentation o Trying to understand the world by pulling together these fragments - Stream of consciousness o Way of writing to imitate the interior world of a particular way - We get a lot of isolation as well o See this type of anxiety forming as well - Get formal experimentation on top of all of these challenges o Tangential narrative going on o Begin challenging values held beforehand - Medic realism is being challenged and begin to move into the interior - Begin to lament the loss of Truth and find truths o Post modernists celebrate the loss of Truth - We can see fragments and stream of consciousness in Virginia Woolf’s work Student responses: - Difficult to follow - Spacing out and missed details - Attempted to read it - Beautifully written - Vocabulary used in a great way - Unconventional - Virginia Woolf is an excellent writer and she does it in this certain way. There is a purpose as to why she writes the way she does - Contradictory statements How would you describe Woolf’s style? - Proper - Sporadic - Non-linear - Tangential - She wrote this way because Women can’t sit and do something for a period of time, like men can, because women are continually interrupted. This is how she wrote her book. She wrote her essay and continually interrupted herself to prove her point. - Women need a room of one’s own and 500. Need their own room to be able to do what they need to with no disruptions People are reluctant to say they are feminists because of the word “Feminazi”. When we are talking about feminism there is an image that you can’t be a feminine feminist. There are different feminisms. If it weren’t for radical extremes there would be no females in school right now; many things would be different if it hadn’t have been for the radical extremes. There are still issues with gender equali
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