English 1900- A Room of One's Own

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ENGL 1900
Jay Gamble

English 1900 th Feb.13 , 2014 Are baby boys more valued at birth? - Different in cultures - Even because it is a patrilineal society - Many people hate male privileges - Ex: when a young girl does something bad they will get in trouble, when a young boy gets in trouble people think “oh he is just being a boy” o This idea however is different between different families - Men will still grow up with some difficulties however some tasks may be easier for them compared to others - Life 1.0  video discussing this Women have some advantages when it comes to different traits. Women aren’t seen to be good at many things. This can be an advantage because we aren’t expected to exceed expectations.. Women are able to stay at home with the kids and not be seen differently as men would be staying at home with the kids. Important Passages to Discuss: 1) Page 5  “But you may say…a room of one’s own” - In the opening paragraphs the author unpacks what she will discuss - This first sentence will tell you what the essay is all about - Her argument is established - Starts essay with “but” (unconventional way) makes it feel that we are brought into a discussion. It also shows that the whole essay is going to be unconventional. - The audience is also arguing with her “But you may say”. She is interrupted, on the defensive, in the first sentence. - Content is what is said. The denotative meaning of a language act. What the words literally mean. - Form is how it is said. How it is said changes the meaning of the context. 2) Page 6  “At any rate…one cannot hope to tell the truth” - Everyone in the audience has a different opinion about what the truth is - What she is saying is that this is exactly what she does. - “Fiction is likely to contain more truth than fact.” o She is employing fiction to get to truth o Through this kind of fiction there is a way in which we can access the reality behind these stories - She is justifying her ability to write fiction. Establishing this will be fictional but will access some truth. - “I is simply a convenient term for somebody who has no real being” o Who is the I in the essay? The Three Mary’s o She means that the Marys are fictional. They have no being. They are made up. o The narrator of this essay is fictional. o I is not a descriptive term. Not an adequate term. o What Virginia Woolf does implicitly is that women are fiction. They serve as a looking glass to men. The novel has a looking glass likeness to life. o The woman who is the narrator has no being because she has no real existence. 3) Page 23/24  “If only Mrs. Seaton??...possess what money they earned” - Her central argument is access to materials within society. This is the central quality that is keeping equality from existing between men and women. - The material conditions are the foundation of central things in society. Women need equal access to materials (money and room of one’s own). - A place that one can sit in uninterrupted and work on things. To have a room of one’s own one must have access to material things. - Material conditions must be met first 4) Page 37 “Women have served as all these centuries…his fitness for lif
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