English 1900- The Sonnet

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University of Lethbridge
ENGL 1900
Jay Gamble

Englisth1900 Mar.6 , 2014 “Poem”: - Analyze “Poem” by Leonard Cohen as a class o Responses:  About silence  Confusion  Man talking about another man as he lay next to a woman o “Blossomed liked tumors” if silence blossomed then it has been there for a while; a negative silence, not comfortable silence o They don’t want the silence but it is happening anyway o Anxious about the man outside the door because the other man has a power of language that he doesn’t have o This man outside the door is a figment of an imagination o Greater irony is that the speaker is talking about his inability to speak in a beautiful language o The man climbing the stairs is an internal manifestation of his anxiety The Sonnet: - A fixed form of poetry - Fixed form is about constraint o Seen with meter and rhyme scheme - Contrast with open forms (free verse) o Poetry that has neither consistent metrical pattern or rhyme scheme throughout th - Sonnet developed in 13 Century Italy and most famous Italian is Petrarch th - Imported into England by Sir Thomas Wyatt in the 16 Century - Sonnet is Italian for little song - Sonnet has waned in popularity - Sonnets are love poems o About unrequited love o Most frequently a male speaker o Because it is unrequited love, the beloved becomes idolized to the point that her perfection and beauty are frequently talked about - 2 forms: 1) Italian (Petrarchan): a. Rhyme scheme: A B Octet (8 lines) B A Presents a problem A B B A Volta (turn) C D Sestet (6 lines) E Resolution C D E ** 14 lines in Italian sonnet 2) English (Shakespearean) a. Rhyme scheme: A B 3 Quatrains A B C D C D E F E F Turn G
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