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Writing 1000- Essay Analysis

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WRIT 1000

Writing 1000 th Nov.14 , 2013 There will be no extended definition extra assignment to do. If you want to do it then you have to go and see your prof about it. There will be a workshop on David Foster Wallace’s speech. Date to be determined. Theory  Practice Concepts (rhetorical) Appeals & structure Analytical patterns of Development (Blue handout) Definition  important in making knowledge, when you know what the terms mean then it is simpler to understand the knowledge - Most important pattern to perfect - We return to an important strategy that helps to name and describe the key terms in the paper - It is an essential scholarly activity - You ask yourself what is it - Definition almost always works as A=B o A is a concept (less content; it can sometimes be one word) o B is the division, the material. Can include other scholars work, examples etc. (more content) - Linking verbs are very helpful here - Definitions are compliments in the term you are defining - It is important to define because different terms mean different things in different subjects o Ex: the word “nice” in Middle English means stupid or wanton, in Old French it meant sill or simple. We see the word “nice” as something good but in other times and languages it means something completely different. - Where you use terms matters - Show your readers that you know what it means Definition is a way of unfolding what is wrapped up in a subject being examined. One of the rhetorical uses of definition is to ascertain the specific issue to be discussed. Opponents in a dispute may be arguing at cross purposes if they do not clearly establish what the point is. - If you don’t have a clear sense of the terms, your readers may not understand what you are trying to say. - Dictionaries are great places to start d
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