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University of Alberta
Animal Science
AN SC100
Craig Wilkinson

Lab Notes OFFSAP- Dairy farm field trip 1. Tie-stall: cows tied up during milking and the food and water is brought to them 2. Free stall: cows can wander, but have to go to food and water 3. Milking parlor: cows go into a parlor to be milked. Ex. Rotary, rear mounted or robotic 4. CQM: Canadian quality milk 5. TMR: total mixed ration 6. Hazards: Chemical, physical, biological 7. Flock sheet: to record information about quality control, feeding and water, etc. 8. Bacteria on eggs: Salmonella enteritidis Humane Society 1. Animals come from City of Edmonton Animal Care and Control (strays) or surrendered by owners 2. Programs: Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS): creating smarter healthier puppies, and a Dog Daycare 3. Public health issues: cleanliness to reduce risk of zoonotic diseases (ringworm, giardia) 4. They have holding times before animals can go onto the floor Zoo 1. SSP: Survival Species Plan; animals on brink of extinction (Siberian tiger) breeding program 2. TAG: Taxon Advisory Group
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