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Francois Larose

Anthropology Midterm II to finalFeb 162012Intelligence IQ and RacesWhat is the debateThere are some races that are smarterintelligence then other Is intelligence genetically inheritedAre IQ test are real representation of the intelligenceMethodological Problems with the study if IQ1Intelligence is difficult to define and researchers have no agreed upon definition2And it leads to a questions of is intelligence a single factor or a combinaiton of many factors 3what is the best way to measure intelligence How do we explain the differences in IQ scores between individuals and the populationAns we have seen that there is a difference some people argue that it is due to genetics reasonheritability social factorsstress preparation importance interest and language and that IQ Test are usually CULTURALLY BIASEDie you haveto be born in that culture which determines what you should know and dont know since the questions are based like thatWhat are the arguments against the genetics heritability of IQ scoresmost childrens IQ is different then there parents which does not relates to genetics and it has been seen that children score higher than their parentsgene usually dont change this fastAlso the adoptive childrens have an IQ that is more similar to there adoptive parents how does that make any sense and that the IQ scores usually go more higherStudyshows that the H value heritability factor is 085 which means that there is some environmental effect IQ predicted if it was genetics is different and predict htat environment does playa role some role so IQ is not a good representationOther criticismThe scare used is artificial and varies between testThere is no clear correlation btww an IQ scores and the abilities to perform a particular taskie GPA does not tell me you are good at medicineThe sad part is that it is being used to discriminate against certain groups or induiduals Initially Benny test to it see as a part of learning but turned into intelligent test in USUKThe Bell curve
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