ANTHR101 : ANTHR 101 Complete Notes for the course

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20 May 2014

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Anthropology: the study of human nature, human society and the human past. Anthropologists study human societies, cultures, and physical diversity across time and space. *the study of human kind, human accomplishment in the past and present *anthropologists integrate all that is known about humans their activities. *anthropologists examine similarities and differences between human societies. *anthropologists collect data from direct contact with people, sites or animals. *anthropologists examine biological and cultural change in humans over time. Culture: the full range of learned human behavior patterns. *culture consists of beliefs, traditions, customs and ideas that humans learn as members of society. * humans adapt to and transform the world around them using culture. * cultures are diverse through time and space. Began as an attempt to define distinct human races . Views the race concept as invalid today. Examines human biological variation across time and space.