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Nat Kavetal

Practice Questions for BIOCH 200 Nucleic Acids 1. ATP and other nucleoside triphosphates are described as a “high energy” molecules. The term is used because the phosphoanhydride bonds in the triphosphate portion of the molecules are “easily” broken and the energy they contain is therefore readily available. Why are these bonds “easily” broken? The Pi makes a great leaving group; the bond is “easily” broken, because: a) The Pi has more resonance stabilization structures alone than it does in a phosphoanhydride bond b) when Pi groups are joined via phosphoanhydride bonds, there is significant electrostatic repulsion between the negatively charged oxygen atoms. 2. Look carefully at the chemical structures shown on the following page. By assigning the correct letters, match each statement with ALL of the structures to which it applies. i. Either is or contains a purine base. _____________A, B, C, D, F___________ ii. Contains deoxyribose. _________E______________________________ iii. Is or contains a nucleotide but not a deoxynucleotide. ______B, C, F_____ iv. Contains a phosphodiester bond. _____________E____________________ v. Is or contains any one of the bases C, U, or T. _____E________________ vi. Is a nucleoside diphosphate. _______B__________________________ vii. Is a dinucleotide. _________________C,E __________________________ Choice “E” may continue from the 5’ phosphate, so may be longer than a dinucleot
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