Bio 107 Lec 1 Problem Set

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Blaine Mullins

Problem Set #1 – Diversity of Life Dr. Torah Kachur 1. Fill in the chart below Domain Bacteria Archaea Eukarya Introns? Genome structure? Nuclear envelope? Membrane enclosed organelles? Unique Features Definitions: Archaea Bacteria Eukarya Domain Kingdom Genus species Prokarya Nucleus Cladogram Concept Questions If you were to look for life on Mars, what parameters (characteristics) would you use to define life? Explain. Using what you know about the current cladogram of the Domains, what do you find particularly surprising? Why? Sample Exam Questions 3. Which of the following would not be found in a prokaryotic cell? a) nucleoid region b) cell wall c) transport vesicle d) ribosome e) rRNA 4) Which of the following properties or processes are associated with living things? a) Evolutionary adaptations b) Energy processing c) Responding to changes in temperature d) Asexual or sexual reproduction e) Increase in size f) All of the above 5) Which types of cells use DNA as their hereditary material but do not store DNA in a separate organelle? a) Plants b) Animalia c) E. coli d) Protists e) Homo sapiens 6) Organisms without a nucleus comprise of two of the three domains. Which ones? a) Eukarya and Archaea b) Archaea and Prokarya c) Archaea and Bacteria d) Eukarya and Bacteria 7) On your recent trip to Yellowstone National Park you isolated a new organism that grew at the mouth of Old Faithful, the sulfur spewing and very hot geyser. Your hypothesis is that this new organism is a(n): a) Archaea b) Bacteria c) Prokarya d) Eukarya e) Protist Why? Short Answer Questions 8)
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