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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Heather Proctor

Lectures 1-3 etymos true sense logos word taxo arrange nomos knowledge/science of nomen name clados branch phylon tribe or race gen to create syn together apo away from morph form plesio near auto self homo same para beside, almost Lecture 4 dicho in two tomos to cut phen appearance Lecture 5-6 fossilis dug up ichnos track, trail petra rock stratum layer graph write, record pan everywhere, everything Gaia Earth stroma sheet lith rock sperm seed Lecture 7 karyon kernel eu true phage eat hypo below hyper above, beyond lys release flagellum whip ana up cata down photo light auto self troph eat arch ancient, original phil love, prefer, attracted to gen to generate halo salt rhizos root Lecture 8 syn together zygo twinned cyto cell chlor green Lecture 9 virid green stoma mouth hepato liver phyt plant bryo moss Lecture 10 phyll leaf angio vessel pter wing Lecture 11 angio container gymnos naked Lecture 12 anthos flower oikos house Lecture 14 opistho posterior myco fungus coen communal zygo joined, yoked, twinned glom ball of thread arb tree ascus sack carp fruit Lecture 15 lith stone cutis skin derm skin Lecture 16 an not iso same blast sprout, germinate gaster stomach derm skin meso middle
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