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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Michael Harrington

Name __________________________ Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm One ------------------------------------------Version 1-------------------------------------------------- Instructions 1. Make sure you have all 5 pages. 2. Put your name on this page and your student ID number on the other pages. 3. No source materials or electronic devices other than watches are permitted. 4. Your answers must be concise, legible, and in the space provided or on the back of the page if necessary. 5. You have 50 minute to complete this exam. Marks Question 1 / 6 Question 2 / 2 Question 3 / 4 Question 4 / 2 Question 5 / 5 Question 6 / 5 Total / 24 Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm One - ID _________________ 2 Question 1 People with Wilson disease can't metabolise copper. Left untreated this leads to liver and neural damage. a) The gene involved, ATP7B, is at 13q14. Describe this cytogenetic location. (2 marks) b) Some people with this disease have a ASN915SER mutation. Provide one possible example of what the DNA and mRNA sequences might be in healthy and in affected people. Include the polarity (3'--5') of all of the nucleic acids. (4 marks) WT allele mutant allele DNA template strand DNA non-template strand mRNA protein Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm One - ID _________________ 3 Question 2 Recall that the human Telomerase enzyme is made of a protein called TERT and an RNA called TERC. The template region of the human TERC RNA is: ---CAAUCCCAAUC--- Which nucleotide monomers does this polymerase use to extend the chromosomes? Abbreviations are fine. (2 marks) Question 3 Within a gene a cytosine (C) deaminates and become a uracil (U). Before anything else occurs a RNA Polymerase transcribes the gene and makes an mRNA. a) If the deamination occurred5'-CAT-3' codon what will be the sequence in the mRNA? (2 marks) 5'-_ _ _-3' b) If the deamination occurred5'-GTT-3' codon what will be the sequence in the mRNA? (2 marks) 5'-_ _ _-3'
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