CHEM101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Copper(Ii) Oxide, Rydberg Formula, Rydberg Constant

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CHEM101 Full Course Notes
CHEM101 Full Course Notes
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Frequency = # of cycles it under goes per second (hz) Wavelength = the distance between any point on a wave and the corresponding point on the next crest (m or nm) Speed = the distance it moves per unit time (m/s), the product of its frequency (cycles per second), and wavelength (m/cycle) Since the product of wavelength x frequency is constant, they have a reciprocal relationship ( ) or ( ) Amplitude = height of the crest (or depth of the trough) Light of a single wavelength is called monochromatic ( one color ) Light of many wavelengths is called polychromatic. When a light passes from one medium into another, the speed of the wave changes refraction. If a wave strikes the boundary between media (between air and water), at an angle other than 90 , the change in sped causes a change in direction and the wave continues at a difference angle angle of refraction.