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CHRTC341 Study Guide - Magisterium, Humanae Vitae, Second Vatican Council

Christian Theology at St Joseph's College
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Mike Harrington

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September 20, 2012 9/20/2012 4:05:00 PM
movies to see?
passion of the christ
clockwork orange
hard candy
i spit on your grave
define criticism: the attempt to understand the meanings and
intentions behind the film or filmmaker that extends beyond the
surface features
Do‟s and don‟ts
o don‟t work off a checklist
o do reveal parts of the movie throughout the review
o do include a theme
o don‟t forget that you have seen the movie, but some readers
have not
o do use rhetoric skillful use of words for persuasion
o do compare the movie to other, similar films
o don‟t spoil the ending!
Elements of Criticism
o identify and describe certain passages or elements in the film
o work deductively
use certain generalizations or assumptions when writing
ie. voyeurism in Psycho (p 399-400)
o terminology
o interpretation: a film‟s images and narratives are polyvalent
polyvalent: expressing more than one thing or idea
o explicit and latent (indirect/implied) meaning
**read the three step process of writing film ciriticism
models of film theory
o realist
cinema has two methods recording or transforming
focuses on recording
representation of truth and reality without distortion via
artistic choices
stresses contract between filmmaker and viewer
removal of over-romanticism and fantasy
different from a documentary because it is not
necessarily historical fact; although the characters may
have fictional identities, their actions should still be true
to a group of people at a certain time
o auteurist
stems from french word for author
a way of looking at films from the point of view of the
creators, especially the director
looks at the trademarks of the director
o psychoanalytic
extremely freudian
voyeurism (pleasure obtained from looking at things)
close-up, non rational pleasures(sex)
lingering close-ups (channing tatum)
sex, violence, „guilty pleasures‟
desires may not be conscious or understood but
these films will deeply affect the emotional
response of the audience
emphasize irrational states of mind
best applied to only specific types of film (ie, x-
rated, horror)
less useful for analysis
o ideological
used to examine relationships between films and
society, especially regarding sociopolitical realities
two levels of ideological films
explicit: overtly ideological
ie. Rambo
implicit: subtly ideological
ie. Back to the Future
commentary on past, present, or future society as
viewed at the present time
can be a positive or negative message about portrayed
either political or critical views of established social
norms; critical views of sociopolitics rarely appear in
popular American media
o feminist
looks at representation of women in films mostly
created by men
examines the role of men in film as compared to women
look at a movie for 3 criteria
are there 2 women characters with names?
do they talk to each other?
do they talk to each other about something other
than men?
o cognitive