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Craig Taylor

Ancient Civilizations – Unit 4: Classical Mediterranean Civilizations (Part II) – Ancient Rome Test Study Guide and Practice Exercises Name: _______________________ Period: _____ Overall description: The test will consist of 6 sections. Each section in this study guide provides helpful information on each of the test sections. Section 1: Map Skills: On the maps below, identify and label the following: Mediterranean Sea Tiber River Sicily The Alps Etruscan Territory Corsica and Sardinia Apennine Mountains Greek colonies in Italy Spain Location of Rome Adriatic Sea Gaul Approximate location of Carthage The direction of Hannibal’s invasion into Italy during the Second Punic War Judea Britain Identify only those places from the previous page that could be labeled on the map below. Section 2: Chronology: Place the following 6 events in a chronological order (a) The last Etruscan king is driven from power in Rome (b) Hannibal invades Italy, starting the Second Punic War (c) Octavian defeats Mark Anthony at the battle of Actium, establishing an empire (d) Emperor Constantine moves the capital from Rome to Constantinople (e) Paul is executed in Rome for spreading Christianity throughout the empire (f) Romulus Augustus, the last Western Roman Emperor, ousted by German forces 509 BCE 218 BCE 31 BCE 64 CE 330 CE 476 CE Section 3: Matching (you will be asked to match terms/individuals to their appropriate definitions/explanation. The terms will come from the list below): Etruscans Virgil Pantheon Augustus Constantine (Octavian) (Constantinople) Republic Tribunes Triumvirate Patricians Plebeians Consuls Dictators Senate Legions Atilla Jesus Hannibal Punic Wars Latifundia Civil War Julius Caesar Pax Romana Numina Apostles Paul Diaspora Peter Martyr Mark Anthony Bishop Pope Mercenaries Inflation Diocletian Hadrian Aqueducts Roman Gods 12 Tablets SPQR Tacitus Nero Romanization Citizen Carthage Phoenicia Assemblies Byzantine E. St.Augustine Gracchus Bros. Gospels Latin Language Section 4: Multiple Choice Questions (review your notes, especially the followi
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