EAS100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Geologic Time Scale, Silicate Minerals, Geothermal Energy

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EAS100 Full Course Notes
EAS100 Full Course Notes
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The midterm will consist of multiple choice and short answer style questions. Approximately 20-25 multiple questions (one mark each) and 5-8 short answer questions (3 to 5 marks each). Isotopes are the main tool used to date material of hadean age: an element transfers 2 electrons to another element to fulfill an outer shell and promote stability. One soil formed in northern alberta, the other in a tropical brazilian forest. How would your diagram differ from an energy budget diagram? (5 marks) Short answer: answer the following questions in the space provided. Diagrams, when required or if used, must be labelled. Each question is worth 5 marks: define the following terms. Use diagrams to help explain your answer. (5 marks) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. If the statement is false, you must explain why it is false for the full mark. (5 marks: the earth is a closed system in space.