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Study Guides for East Asian Studies at University of Alberta (U OF A)

U OF AEASIA224Jeffrey RobertsFall

EASIA224 Study Guide - Final Guide: Peking Opera, Pansori, Hyangak

OC23404531 Page
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U OF AEASIA224Jeffery RobertsFall

EASIA224 Study Guide - Final Guide: Yayue, Heterophony, Korean Confucianism

OC5385183 Page
List (9) guqin: qindao, zhi(intuition) & flexible score: Qindao is the sound, nature and emotion, combined in the sound of the guqin. Achieving zhi, or
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U OF AEASIA101David QuinterFall

EASIA101 Study Guide - Final Guide: March 1St Movement, Syngman Rhee, Meiji Restoration

OC5385186 Page
Id candidates kami: in the japanese religion of shinto the kami encompass all. They could be part of the sky, plants, water, ancestors, the dead whatev
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U OF AEASIA223Zheng CaiWinter

EASIA223 Quiz: Kukai

OC9295255 Page
Saicho tendai comacad buddhism senior to kukai, more advance monk more established, saicho from chinese immigrants. Todaiji nara ordination, mount hiei
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U OF AEASIA224Jeffery RobertsFall

EASIA224 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mridangam, Precomposed Character, Tabla

OC5385182 Page
Gushes: short melody (written in a specific maye) Dastgah: long series of gushes (also identified by maye) cadence note series of ideas pardes- scale (
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