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EDU 211 Final: summary all in class notes

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Rebecca Sockbeson

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Jan 7 2014 Remember to author cite on final but do not need APA citation Jan 9 2014 Seminar What are your beliefs about the bases of AboriginalCanadian relations? I believe that Aboriginals were mistreated in the past and it has greatly affected their lives then and now What is your relationship to this territory? My relationship is not very strong and unfamiliar. I live on this territory but dont have much of a personal relationship to it. What is indigenous knowledge? It is the knowledge and understanding of indigenous people, their past, their present, and their culture. How can teacher preparation impact Aboriginal students experiences and outcomes? If a teacher has better knowledge of Aboriginals and their culture, they are more equipped to deal with, build relationships with, understand and teach their students, resulting in a more positive student experience. Jan 14 2014 Identity Dr Cora WeberPilwax Formally, an Indian refers to the Indian act. (name, number, prt of indian registry) Personal identity and social identity Individual and collective identity of Aboriginals Strong collective comes from strong individuals Who are the Indians? (in your perspective) Self observation is how we transform Many terms for Indians Children are our greatest teachers Help omg, me so bored. Jan 16 2014 Seminar 4 realms of identity: self, family, community, sacred. Aboriginals have a strong collective identity but theyre individuals as well Labeling aboriginals with a broad label. Just Aboriginal and not Cree, Iroquois, etc Individual identities makes up collective identities Identities are being forced on aboriginals, causing issues Gradual enfranchisement act 1869 Indian women losing status when marrying nonaboriginal man.nd In the 2 article, when discussing placing a pipeline through Aboriginal land, it mentioned how aboriginals have traditionally been against resource development on their land, but some have recently changed their minds and realized it could benefit them. It makes me curious as to how many things theyll change their minds on and if theyll eventually get assimilated into other modern practices. Jan 21 Place Dr. Donald Place, story, memory in connection with land Story as a form of knowledgelesson Stories as an expression of citizenship Repatriation to return someone to his own country connectivities to land and place Rematriation restore a living culture to its rightful place on mother earth being reconnected to land is important Colonial projects have created a logic of placelessness Where is here? Topos (place), logos (speech), ethos (right and wrong), geos (earth), pathos (emotion), mythos (dream of life) White people seeking opportunity Solonialism is an ongoing process denying connectivity Utopia means no place Mark territory by stories, songsm ceremonies Jan 23 Seminar Indian Act: Aboriginal women lost their status if they married a white man Bill c31: gained their status back Being an active, responsible citizen could include knowledge of treaties Connecting place to my life has never been something I could relate to as mucha s an aboriginal person might. I value being with my family, it doesnt matter where. Also, interesting that he mentioned how white people were siply seeking an opportunity of a new life, because white people are usually seen as the bad guy People arent related to place as strongly as they used to be because they werent there Jan 28 Dr Evelyn Steinhauer Story of girls first day of school = Poor living conditionsstandard of livingquality of life Aboriginal children not completing school at same rate
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