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Alison Rukavina

Europeanization (Westernization) -------->Imperialism ------------->Colonialism Mercantilism – making money off lands, taking the resources OUT Imperialism- basically about control, ruling, different in the sense that you take over, not take out. Sharp view either European or other. Racist! Is westernization! Present: Neoimperalism “either your with us or against us” Important Critic : Edward Said (sai eed) – imperialism is direct control, but more over their attitudes. Colonialism is the implanting of settlements on a distant territory. Relativity- nothing is absolute 1) Literal 2) Figurative 3) Structural Decline of empire Discussion Q: What key scenes words imagery etc did you find? “Going up river was like travelling back to the earliest beginning of the word” (61) “Men enough to face the darkness” (39) “conquest of the earth” (39) - undermines how Marlow feels towards Imperealism What is Marlows attitude toward the African he meets? -Helms man; marlows sadness - African is savage (48) -Marlow looks at them like shapes/objects. Objects of disease and starvation. Dehumanizes them. HE is our witness. Men -- Shapes and objects Distance themselves. He saw the world positive and wanted to explore the world, but after the Congo he doesn’t feel the same. Author creates the work, but the unnamed narrator describes Marlows perspective Critic- Edward Said, orientalism, describes how Europeans see the rest of the world. Europeans – Civilazation . Others – Savages. See Africans as the other. Europeans see like a paternalistic view over the other savages as “children”. 2/3 of this story is rising action, built in developing the conflict. Journey and Travel How Marlows view of imperialism challenged and broken down. Marlow searching/ save Kurtz. Conrad builds up tone and expectations, suspense. Foreshadowing Description of Marlow. “sunken cheeks” – old, weathered, sickly looking, enlightened, civialized, man who is greatly changed by his experiences in the east. Combining east and west. First told how Marlow looks at the start cause it gives us sort of a window to see what is upcoming. The interruptions and breaks that underline the fact there is an outside narrator, gives us a point for reflection. Being affected and infected by the OTHER. Question 3,5-9 ________________________________ IC(sentence); IC [has to have similar structure, and similar topic] / IC; however , instead, although, IC Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness describes the progression of Imperialism (colonialism – sharp distinction b
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