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Glubish 1Chelsea Glubish English 124 Lecture B01Theo Finigan March 31 2014Word Count 2073Questioning the Effect of Capitalism on Humanity An Analysis of World War Z and Bartleby the Scrivener A Story of WallStreet as Oppositions to CapitalismMonstrosity and humanitytypically opposing themescan sometimes reveal instead how similar monsters and humans really are Assuming the goodness of humans counteracts the evils of monsters humans are often oblivious to their immoralities Herman Melvilles Bartleby the Scrivener A Story of WallStreet illuminates the monstrous protagonist Bartleby whose lethargic movements and ethical opposition serve to resist capitalism Similarly recollections of survivors of the Zombie War as outlined in Max Brooks World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War shed light on the power of zombies to expose the failures of capitalism Emphasizing a necessary maintenance of a capitalist economy both pieces criticize the overwhelming influence of consumerism fueled by excessive selfinterest Such texts suggest that capitalist devotions to materialism and wealth may demonstrate the ability of monsters such as Bartleby and the zombies of the war to expose evils within their human oppositionsthe society of World War Z and Bartlebys boss By illuminating the idea of consumerism and how it drives capitalism the zombies in World War Z expose the inhumanities of a capitalist society Explicitly discussing economy Mister Scott declares the most valuable commodity in the universe to be fear because fear sells Brooks 55 Specifically he recognizes the
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