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Canticle of Leibowitz essay

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1The world is like a clock Descartes in this phrase bluntly relates the history of human world with the future as does Miller in his novel A Canticle for Leibowitz According to Miller there are two main patterns of technoscientific progress occurring in the novel The first one is occurring microscopically and the underlying one occurs macroscopically Microscopically technoscientific progress occurs when tradition acts as the foundation of technoscience which is depicted by the change in perspectives of monks of the Blessed Order of the St Leibowitz during the Fiat Homo and Fiat Lux Macroscopically Miller dwells the plot on the gradual technoscientific progress entrapped by political power which dialectically drives humanity to the brink of extinction in a clockwise manner So Miller is implying that the technoscientific progress is bound to happen and it is bound to be influenced by the power to master the world Therefore the world is bound to end and start again and again The question then arises what is technoscience Science is derived from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge whereas technology is defined as the study of techniques where technique or in Greek techn refers to the art of making So technoscience is the application of both science and technology as reflected in Grants definition of the modern 2technology as the copenetration of knowing and making Microscopically technoscientific progress occurs when the religion acts as the foundation This is portrayed mainly in Fiat Homo and Fiat Lux through the gradual progression in the technoscientific perspectives of the monks who are living in the Blessed Order of St Leibowitz The Flame Deluge and the Simplification has driven the human civilization to rubble As a result Fiat Homo opens with Brother Francis a young novice completing his1 R C Lewontin A Reasonable Skepticism in Biology as Ideology The Doctrine of DNA Toronto Anansi 1991 14 2 George Parkin Grant Thinking about technology in Technology and Justice Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Press 1986 12
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