ENGL124 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kate Chopin, Margaret Atwood, Tomato Juice

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Love -everlasting, distance does not come in between love. Repeated usage of dear, which is a term of endearment; adds to the poems signi cance; stronger expression of love. Theme: time-speakers love will last forever, for eternity. Literary techniques: irony- 1st stanza sets up the expectation of a loving couple, while the 2nd stanza is a more dramatic relationship. Tone- change in tone from the rst to second stanza; 1st stanza is the cliche relationship, small amount of commitment, then. 2nd stanza shows the reality of the relationship/progression in time where more work is needed and more commitment is needed. 1st line is a simile- explaining the compatibility between the speaker and the addressee. Speaker: possibly bert almon himself or a poet because the poem talks about the. Literary techniques: contrast- 1st stanza is based on perception of poetry vs. 2nd stanza which is based on reality stanza break was put in place to show this contrast.

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