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ENGL124 Study Guide - Final Guide: Carol J. Adams, Living Wage, Scientific Management

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Melissa Haynes
Study Guide

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ENGL124: Final Exam Review
In-Class Texts
1. The Jungle
1. Novel by Upton Sinclair
2. Political fiction set in ~1910 in Chicago
3. Main characters: Jurgis, Ona, Marija, Antanas (Jr. and Sr.), Phil Connors,
4. Sinclair worked as a “Muckraker,” working in the dirty jobs to expose them
5. Plot:
1.1. Jurgis Rudkus and his family move to the US from Lithuania in hopes of
better life
1.2. Jurgis marries his wife, Ona
1.3. Jurgis takes job at meat-packing plant, he finds the conditions harsh but
1.4. The family struggles and they are in debt. They put a down payment on a
shabby slum-house
1.5. Eventually everyone has to get a job to survive
1.6. Ona has a first son, Antanas Jr.
1.7. Jonas, the other adult male in the family, leaves.
1.8. Jurgis is fired because of an injury, he takes a job at a fertilizer plant
1.9. Ona has been raped by her boss, Phil Connors. Jurgis attacks him and is
1.10. When released, Jurgis finds that they have lost their house,
unable to make payments.
1.11. Ona is in labour. She and the baby die.
1.12. Antanas Jr. drowns in the mud in the street.
1.13. Jurgis leaves and becomes a hobo, working odd jobs for farmers.
He also takes up drinking.
1.14. Jurgis heads back to Chicago and works odd jobs and as a con-
1.15. One night, he stumbles upon a socialist meeting and is excited
about what he hears, he is employed by them.
1.16. He finds Marija and Elzbieta, Marija is a prostitute and is addicted
to morphine. Jurgis starts to support them again.
1.17. The socialist party has some political victories.
2. Themes:
1.1. Evilness and competitiveness of capitalism → hence “The Jungle”
1.2. Hollowness of the American Dream
1.3. Immigrant experience
1.4. Corruption
1.5. Family and Tradition
2. My Year Of Meats
1. Novel by Ruth Ozeki
2. Fictional Novel regarding meat industry set in ~2000 in America and Japan
3. Main characters: Jane, John, Akiko, Suzuki, Oh, Kenji, Sloan, Lara and Dyann,
The Dunn family, Shonagon
4. Ozeki herself is a documentarian, through television and writing.
5. Plot:
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1.1. Jane gets a job as a sor of cultural ambassador on ‘My American Wife’ for
BEEF-EX, a company trying to bring meat worldwide→ particularly Japan
1.2. The first program, Suzie flowers. Suzie’s husband leaves her after the
show. Akiko, John’s wife, is forced to watch the show in Japan, she
prepares the meat featured in Suzie’s episode, which her husband forces
her to do because she is infertile and he believes meat will ‘revive’ her.
1.3. Jane and her crew continue through America. Akiko continues to watch
the programs. When John comes to check up in America, Jane distracts
him by getting him drunk and taking him to the strippers in Texas. John
forces Akiko to buy condoms, since it unseemly for him to do so. Akiko is
too scared, and buys the wrong brand from a vending machine.
1.4. Jane begins a relationship with Sloan, who disguises himself every week
as a film commissioner, and the rest of the crew seems not to notice.
Jane gets to direct the Martinez family episode after Oda (the director that
week) has an allergic reaction to antibiotics in the meat. Jane continues to
direct the show, doing the Boudreaux family next. They are made up of
two white parents, their daughter, and the 11 Korean orphans they
adopted. John is mad about Jane’s directing, and takes it out on Akiko.
Akiko is feeling more rebellious, listening to Bobby Joe Creely (which she
heard on MAW) and stealing. Akiko is forced to see a doctor about her
fertility problem. The doctor diagnoses her with bulimia, and tells John.
1.5. Sloan and Jane’s relationship continues. They have unprotected sex. We
learn that Akiko had been set up with John by their bosses. Akiko brings
up adoption to John, and he drunkenly shakes her and throws her against
a cabinet, damaging her face. Jane interviews the Dawes family and
loves them, but John makes a surprise visit to see how the show is
coming, and forces her to film the Thayer family. He tries to rape her in
his hotel room
1.6. Jane does research on DES, a fattening hormone. Grace Dawes is
disappointed when Jane doesn’t show up to film the show. Akiko gives
the Thayer show a poor rating, infuriating John, who says she doesn’t
have to fill out the surveys anymore. The crew films the Bukowski family,
about the girl who was hit by a walmart delivery truck and had severe
brain damage. The family serves lamb chops. Suzuki and Oh are
infatuated by the girl.
1.7. Jane is feeling ill and goes home to Quam, Minnesota. There, she visits
her old school where she steals Frye’s Book of Geography. We learn that
she was married to a black man named Emil, but they separated when
she learned she was infertile. Present day, Jane goes to a doctor in
Quam and learn that she is somehow pregnant, but had previously told
Sloan that she is infertile. John is furious about the lamb on the Bukowsky
1.8. Akiko has started menstruating again. Jane shoots the episode about
Lara and Dyann: biracial lesbian vegetarians, and panics because she
knows the two women will not support the show. Jane is nearly fired for
the show. Akiko loves it. Akiko buys a porn magazine, becoming more
confident. Jane and the crew are accidentally arrested (when someone
thinks they are terrorists), and are bailed. Jane finally tells SLoan about
her pregnancy and they agree she should abort, but she doesn’t. She
tells the crew, and they are supportive. Akiko, tries to seduce John, but he
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