ENGL390 Study Guide - Final Guide: Emilia Lanier, Confidence Trick, Closet Drama

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Four of these questions will comprise the final exam; you will be asked to write on. Each of the questions asks you to discuss at least two of the women writers we studied. You may use the same woman writer in two of your answers, but make sure to say different things about her (don"t reuse and recycle; build and expand). Overall you should discuss a minimum of three different women writers in your exam answers. I will be available in my office (humanities centre 3-45) on friday 10 december. At that times you can pick up graded assignments and ask questions relating to your revision for the exam (i won"t, though, tell you how to answer a given question). Our final exam will be held in our regular classroom, humanities centre 2- Wroth"s love victorie : her writing suggests that women should have more agency when choosing a husband.

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