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Study Guides for English at University of Alberta (U OF A)

U OF AENGL199Wayne DefehrFall

[ENGL199] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (34 pages long!)

OC76860134 Page
Important quotes: in dark age ahead, jane jacobs (cid:862)a so(cid:272)iety (cid:373)ust (cid:271)e self-aware. Any culture that jettisons the values t
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U OF AENGL102Alonso David

ENGL102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Victorian Era, Science Advances, William Godwin

OC23177164 Page
A message on the irony and danger in the quest for power. Shelley"s purpose a novel analysis . (a. k. a. the rest of your unit!) Influenced by the roma
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U OF AENGL102Kyung Hwa EunWinter

ENGL102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Literal And Figurative Language, Mnemonic, Eliza Haywood

OC24737117 Page
Part a: 4 short questions - less than 10 sentences. Part b: 3 text analysis questions (medium length) - 15-20 sentences. Part c: essay find 2-3 similar
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U OF AENGL102Kyung Hwa EunWinter

ENGL102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Transnationalism, Mnemonic, Onomatopoeia

OC24737115 Page
Allegory the expression by means of symbolic figures and actions, usually to express truths or to generalize things about human existence. Amatory fict
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U OF AENGL102Nicole BrandsmaWinter

ENGL102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Racialization, Quatrain, Celebrity Culture

Title: what would restitution and regeneration look like from the point of view of water. Tone: criticizing government"s actions of damaging lands and
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U OF AENGL102Slobodan SucurFall

ENGL102 Study Guide - Final Guide: North Korea, Whore Of Babylon, Kentucky Educational Television

OC23514732 Page
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U OF AENGL103Brianna WellsWinter

ENGL103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Double Negative, Sarcasm, Hyperbole

OC16463773 Page
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U OF AENGL124Melissa HaynesWinter

ENGL124 Study Guide - Final Guide: Carol J. Adams, Living Wage, Scientific Management

OC8485316 Page
In-class texts: the jungle, novel by upton sinclair, political fiction set in ~1910 in chicago, main characters: jurgis, ona, marija, antanas (jr. and
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U OF AENGL300Chris Gordon- CraigWinter

ENGL300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phonological Change, Thomas Elyot, South Island

OC88670119 Page
The languages sanskrit, latin and greek all come from the same source. Groups of indo europeans speak over a large area. This creates a variety of diff
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U OF AENGL123Nataliia PesterevaWinter

ENGL 123 Final: Final

Shania S3 Page
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U OF AENGL339David GayFall

ENGL339 Study Guide - Final Guide: Malvolio, Highwayman, Homoeroticism

OC88670111 Page
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U OF AENGL327Rick BowersFall

ENGL327 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gaius Flaminius, Titivillus, Mystery Play

OC88670112 Page
3 or 4 paragraphs: creation 85-8, characters. God i: how does it fit in drama overall? i. The york corpus christi play, also called mystery plays. Plas
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