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IMIN 200 Finals Study Guide (got 90%)

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Immunology and Infection
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IMIN 200 Finals Notes By Victory ObiefunaUnit A Immunology Read macaque paper Unit B Virology Read emerging pathogens lectureUnit C Bacteriology Lecture 1 Steps during an infection o Exposure to pathogen o Adherence to the skin or the mucosaThis is an important step that is required for invasion o Invasion through the epithelium o Colonization and growth production of virulence factors o Tissue damage toxicity and further growthModes of entry o Inhalation ingestion insect bites sexual contact wound infection and organ transplantShigella promotes phagocytosisYersinia prevents phagocytosisHelicobacter pylorihuman pathogen that colonizes the stomach o Changes sugars on its surface to mimic the sugars on the surface of human cellso Can also change the structures of the LPS LPS phase variationType III secretion systems o Injectisomes o Used by Salmonella to inject proteins into the hostYersinia has lots of Yops that are injected into the host cellDifferent things that bacteria use against the host o Siderophores toxins type III injection systems Lecture 2
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