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U OF AMATH225David FaveroSummer

MATH225 Study Guide - Summer 2019, Comprehensive Final Exam Notes -

OC272621973 Page
30 Nov 2019
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U OF AMATH225Saeed RahmatiSummer

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

OC2610253 Page
22 Dec 2011
1. 5. 2 changing basis to make a matrix diagonalizable . An eigenvector of an n n matrix a is a nonzero vector x such that for some scalar . A (possibl
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U OF AMATH225Saeed RahmatiSummer

Orthogonality in Vector Space: Notes Done in LaTeX

OC2610247 Page
22 Dec 2011
1. 1. 2 length or norm, and unit vector . We can consider u rn as an n 1 matrix and hence ut will be a 1 n matrix u = ut =(cid:2) u1 u1 un. Note that u
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U OF AMATH225Saeed RahmatiSummer

Symmetric Matricies and Quadratic Forms: Notes Done in LaTeX

OC2610217 Page
22 Dec 2011
This means that the entries on the opposite sides of the main diagonal of a are mutally equal. This is true only if m = n. so any symmetric matrix is a
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