MGTSC312 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Coefficient Of Determination, Descriptive Statistics, Null Hypothesis

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What is the value of the sample mean for the dependent variable for each of the four models for which. In this case, you can find the information in the last row of table 12. 2. The sample mean of the p/e ratio is 115. 31. Sst = 87,365. 47 since, for the dependent variable of a regression, the sample variance is sst / (n 1). Note that this answer is the same for all four models for which you are given information in table 12. 3. You are given the ssr values for all four models in table 12. 3. Sst = 87,365. 47 (see the answer to problem 2 for why this is. ) Ssr = 81,562. 10 (see the answer to problem 3 for why this is. ) You simply need the value of the r square to answer this question, which is 0. 931 for model 1.

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