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Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Lisa Stein

MICRB 265 QAWhy do homicide detectives owe a debt to Thomas Brock Sunday January1611 Carl Woese and George Fox discovered Intro partial Archaea What did they use to create domains over kingdoms HINT thisWhat was Jenners contribution to method predominates nowadays vaccinesVenter and Smith created the firstWhat did Ferdinand Cohn found complete sequence of whatWinogradsky and Bejerinck were whatHow long was exclusively anaerobic kind of scientists metabolism around for What two concepts did Winogradsky o How old is the earth come up withSimilar amounts ofare stored inCompare the purity of enrichment plants as in prokaryotes culture and pure cultureCompare leading causes of death inDespite the fact that enrichment 1900 to 2008 cultures contain communities what can we do to the culture to encourage the Structure and Function microbe we are interested in to dominateHow do we write an organisms speciesWhen we enrich our culture we start with a complex community but do o Eg Felis domesticus or something to the conditions that by hand Felis favours growth of some microbes WhatAfter domesticus is the key trait of the microbes we first use it becomes F select for domesticus o We select for microbes involved o Genus capitalized in a specific process species lowercaseWho discovered lysozymeWhat can the scientific name of an organism describe o What else did he discover o Physical characteristicsDescribe the Winogradsky column descriptive honor aWhat industry did Waksman and Schatz scientist found Which organisms have the o What discovery did they make greatest metabolic diversity first What is the quantitativeWhich domains have the most measure of relatedness of all metabolic diversity Visual organisms diversityWhere is the 16S rRNA unitIf we cant make a pure culture found of an organism what can we do to figure out if it exists or notWhere is the 18S rRNA unit o Check molecular found markersA scientist finds the 16S subunitDifferentiate between in a previously unknown physicists chemists and microorganism Can he biologists conclude the organism is o Physicists use physical prokaryotic energy sources aka o No the subunit may be photoautotrophs from mitochondria orPhotosynthesis chloroplasts which areProkaryotes present in eukaryotes and eukaryotes due to ENDOSYMBIOTIC o Chemists use chemical THEORY energy sourcesWhy is rRNA highly conserved in chemoautotrophs and some regions Note it is highly chemoheterotrophs variable in othersLithotrophsHow does RNA gene sequencing inorganic workOrganotrophs o Break open cells from organic pure culture or o Biologists predators environmental sample different o Isolate rRNA and do chemoheterotrophs PCREukaryotes o Sequence the gene o Essentially her o Align sequence in description looks at the computer energy source to o Algorithm makes pairclassify each organism wise comparisons and o There are physicists in makes a tree each domain inorganicWhat can RNA gene sequencing chemists in the tell us prokaryotic domains o How similar organisms organic chemists in all are to each other and domains fungi eg how long since they and biologists only in diverged eukaryotes archaea
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