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MUSIC102 Final: Music 102 Study Guide Exam 3

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University of Alberta

Music 102 Study Guide: Exam Three (Final, December 19, 2016) I. Listening “Ya Zalimni” - Umm Kulthum “Persian Ensemble” - group of instruments - quiet, beat in background “Duet: Kamancheh and Baglama” - 2 intrusments - Arabian nights sounding “Setar Music” - no vocals - one-man playing setar “Ala L’a Ke” - sounds off beat (vocals and instrumentals) - man singing - means God has done it “Allah” - Youssou N’dour singing - happy simple beat “Father Bamba” - Youssou N’dour singing - bam bam bam - english - drums “Internationale” - Billy Bragg singing - Irish singer - sang during protest in Dublin - solidarity in manifestation of new dynamic global movement in Ireland “Tramp” - Otis Redding and Carla Thomas - strong beat - talking/singing “Reels” - Irish dance music “Heard it Through the Grapevine” (both versions) - strong black women singing with background male vocals (original version) - Marvin Gaye version, softer, a little slower paced “Rivers of Babylon” - The Melodians - 3 men singings - almost tropical “beatles sound” - Jamaican reggae “Guns of Navarone” - The Skatalites - capella - beat boxing - trumpet/ saxophone "In These Times” - jazz - Lee Perry/ Errol Walker - borrowed tune from “Summertime” by Gershwin - smooth male voice "In These Times (Dub)” - echoy “Rhapsody in Blue” - orchestra “Turkish BankingAd” - mixture - female opera/ piano - Turkish band II. People and Places Iran Egypt Mali Nigeria Jamaica Detroit Memphis Umm Kulthum - most influentialArab singer in the 20th century - most prominentArab woman in contempt. history - 1904- 1975 - recite and memorized the Qur’an Gamel Nasser - 1918-1970 - 2nd preside tof Egypt - nationalized the Suez Canal 1956 - arab unity Bamba - Israel peanut butter flavoured snack Youssou N’Dour Barry Gordy Haile Selassie Marcus Garvey The Melodians Kingston Lee “Scratch” Perry - black ark, his own recording studio of reggae and dub in Kingston - dub version of in these times George Gershwin - composed rhapsody in blue III. Terms and Instruments Understand the significance of each term to the musical examples listed in part I, and to the larger cultural issues listed in part IV. Adhan - call to prayer - ringing of bell 5 times a day from mosque Dastgah - interval and scales - focus on melody more than actual scales Radif - model and series - melodic composition and improvisation Tarab - inArabic culture to describe the emotional effect of music but also associated with traditional form of art music Marabout - Muslim leader and teacher in WestAfrica in the Maghreb - scholar on Qu’ran Griot - jeli “Storyteller” - recounting history to composing music - learn by travelling - griottes (lesser status), focus on song and specialize in singing - griots, specialize in history in spoken word, play kora or drum Mbalax - popular dance music of Senegal an dGambia - word means heavy use of accompanying rh
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