NURS103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Infection, Public Health, Genetic Predisposition

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25 Aug 2016
Community/Public Health Nursing
Tobacco-> kills people (don't smoke kids)
Overly represented by vulnerable populations (social determinants of health)
Public health disaster-> kills a shit ton of people and will continue to
At least 1 of 2 smokers will die of a tobacco disease
Causes a shit ton of disease
Main causes of death= cancers, CVS disease (leading cause of), and resp disease
Women and children-> vulnerable to 2nd hand smoke
Takes 30 years= slow progression to death-> tends to ignore the consequences
Have 30 years to intervene!
Has over 6000 chemicals in it-> fucking toxic man
People don't know what's in it
Legal product-> under agricultural act-> plant and historical-> excluded from protective legislations
Meds to help you quit-> highly regulated but not tobacco…
Smoking effects everything in your body
Tabaco-> contribute of every cancer
Leading cause of heart disease
2nd hand smoke= just as bad
Don't smoke in public places!-> heart problems!
Pregnancy-> that shit is so bad wtf why would you do that
oPremature, and pre-term
oRelated to ADHD and other disabilities
Highest rate of smoking-> young people-> because of that tumblr aesthetic
Smoking= addiction!
They don't choose to have to smoke-> that ain't a lifestyle choice
Nicotine= addictive substance
oAffects reptilian part of brain
oDoesn't cause disease but is highly addictive
Addiction= *chronic relapsing brain disorder that results form prolonged affects of drugs on the brain, w/ embedded
behaviour and social-context aspects as important parts of the illness itself
oContinued use
oLarge amount of time getting use to addictive substance
Tobacco addiction is becoming a pediatric disease-> experimentation yo
oBrain is hella vulnerable to addiction
oHaven't developed cognitive skills
2nd hand smoke-> no safe level of exposure-> don't be a selfish fucking bitch and don't smoke in public!
3rd hand smoke= residual tobacco that falls of clothing or residual in air
oFood, close to the ground (children)
oCreates new carcinogens
Social determinants of health:
oIncome-> less money-> smoke more
oGender-> men smoke more than women
Women smoking rates are creeping up to men's though
Women use to outlive men but w/ increase in tobacco use-> levels off
oEducation-> higher education-> lowered rates of smoking
oCulture-> First nations, Asian, South American
Can be considered sacred and a gift-> sacred use however is not from a cigarette
oGenetic predisposition-> being studied
Some people are more genetically vulnerable to developing addiction
Working on a vaccine
Viscous cycle-> disadvantaged will smoke-> culture and community-> stress and normality-> less money-> more stress-> more
80% of cigarettes are taxed-> doesn't go into healthcare, rather it goes into general budget-> why da fuck isn't the government
putting into healthcare???? Trudeau get yo shit together
Tobacco= way to tax the poor
Highest rate of smoking-> mental illnesses, aboriginal, LGBTQ, homeless
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